Nevada Gaming Control Board Smacks A NJ company!

Nevada Gaming Control Board Smacks A NJ company with $150,000 fine! Gaming Laboratories International of Lakewood, NJ was recently fined $150,000. The violation was for failing to test a cash wagering system. Which, in response, the company has accepted the penalty and has agreed to pay the fine. The company was under contract with Interlock Manufacturers. And it was their responsibility to conduct the appropriate tests required by law. In short, GLI failed to test the Pulse Arena System to see if it worked with IGT Advantage. Instead, GLI gave the green light to start using the system in Nevada’s casinos. This resulted in a hefty penalty in which they most likely regret.Nevada Gaming Control Board Smacks A NJ company with $150,000 fine!

Brief Insight Into The Company Fined

Additionally, we think that players should know more about GLI as a company. This recent news could damage their credibility if casino players do not know who they are. And it could lead to quick judgment. In short, GLI has been in business for 30 years. They have a solid reputation with gaming regulators and suppliers in the industry. Furthermore, the company is well known for its quality of service provided to its clients worldwide. Also, Gaming International is well aware of their mistakes. In response, they are acting now to fix the problem they’ve caused. As well as admitting to their faults. With this in mind, GLI has agreed to allow the control board to inspect its products and services three times a year. The inspections will determine if the company is adhering to the rules or not.

Moving Forward. What’s Next for GLI?

To conclude, Gaming International is much more than a service testing company. They have built a strong reputation by providing many different services. Which includes, security audits, project managing and field inspections. These are only a few to name. Also, the New Jersey based company has extended its reach well beyond the shores of the United States. They have 23 worldwide locations. So one can only expect that the company will correct all its mistakes. And they will continue providing their clients with the world-class services they deserve.