NetEnt gears up with casino sports widget before FIFA World Cup

NetEnt gears up with casino sports widget before FIFA World Cup. With the looming soccer World Cup, the players are in for a treat. And European sports betting operators are getting a great tool to back their strategies. Online tech provider NetEnt unveiled its Sports Betting Live Casino. The widget promises the best for both sides of the industry.NetEnt gears up with casino sports widget before FIFA World Cup

Simultaneous action

Indeed, the FIFA World Cup starts in two weeks. The event proved a huge success among sports betting operators in the past, both in boosting their revenues and acquiring new players. Besides, the industry always looked into offering the punters other ways of entertainment. And NetEnt’s new Sport Betting Live Casino widget does exactly that!

In essence, the widget gives the players the ability to play live casino, and the chance to bet on sports. So that players don’t miss any live bet opportunities. The slick interface combines both. A live casino screen with a dealer. And the sports betting widget hovers over it.

So, it offers a new type of cross-sell opportunity for operators. Now, bookmakers will not have to worry about missing gaming revenues during sports events. In short, the new widget allows placing a sports bet, while the player remains in the live casino.

Blue-screen technology

The first operator to sign up for the Swedish tech provider’s widget is Stoiximan. The new sports betting live casino widget applies the Chroma key technology. TV studios use it to hide the background, for example. The “blue screen” technology integrates betting feeds into the roulette and blackjack game.

Before, NetEnt launched Live Sports Roulette. It allowed players to keep up with latest scores and live odds. And at the same time, they could comment on the action with the live dealers of the casino.

Granted that for now the new widget won’t be released in NJ. But it’s great to keep an eye on the European Market to know what could be the next big thing in the Garden State!