NBA intends to keep all bets transparent

Several US states are preparing to follow New Jersey’s lead by offering regulated sports gambling. As that fact sets in, the NBA is gearing up to make sure everything remains transparent in the future. In fact, the association is now planning to monitor its players, teams, and staff members to ensure a clean game. With that said, let’s explore all the details here and reveal how the NBA plans to keep sports betting honest and fair and why this is a good idea.

NBA intends to keep all bets transparentNBA Observation Plan

Like most leagues around the world, the NBA also forbids its personnel and players from betting, tipping, or fixing games. So to steer clear of game-fixing controversies, the league has decided to extend its partnership with Sportsradar in the US. Which, has been delivering official NBA data to legal sportsbooks outside of the US for two years now. Also, Sportsradar is a partner with MGM GVC Interactive. Which, is also in a new partnership deal with the NBA.

So, this is a great benefit for all those who prefer PlayMGM as there NJ sportsbook. In addition to that, Sportsradar also provides live sports data for the NFL, NASCAR, FIFA, and UEFA. In return, sportsbooks like PlayMGM offer live data so you can feel more confident when placing a bet. Overall, this is good news for the sports betting industry.

Going Forward

According to NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum, “Immediate action to prevent future disputes over rigging is in full motion. Also, we have a close partnership with the English Premier League, and that’s helped us understand how to eliminate problems before they become problems.” On that note, it’s clear the NBA is prepared to take all the necessary steps to prevent any fraudulent behaviour and to protect the integrity of the NBA and sports betting alike.