NBA drives new opportunities

With the recent NBA season kick-off, Golden Nugget approached the sport and the season with a cross over product. Indeed, they’re partnering up with Spin Games who work closely with Highlight Games. This three-way collaboration will see that the exiting product “NBA Last 60” goes live with the New Jersey operator.

In essence, the new offering is similar to the virtual sports betting product. But instead of generating a fictional event. The “NBA Last 60” grabs actual historical game footage to generate millions of possible outcomes. Then a player can place bets on things like total points scored, who will win, first to score, etc. So, how good does that sound?

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NBA drives new opportunities

But you’ll need to wait a bit

Regardless of how thrilled you might be about having the opportunity to bet on NBA all year round, you’ll have to contain your excitement for a bit. Indeed, according to sources, the new addition to the Golden Nuggets portfolio will be available in early 2020. So, this may mean that it’ll go live between the regular NBA season and the playoffs in April.

Kent Young, Spin Games founder added these details about the upcoming product to the press. “We are excited that the Golden Nugget has chosen to offer NBA Last 60 to their online players. Its innovative use of historical real NBA game footage delivers an exciting and compelling online sports betting product.”

It’s got legs

Although virtual sports betting isn’t live on any sites in New Jersey. Experts say that it might just be what the industry needs for Casino players to cross over to Sportsbook, and vice versa. Essentially, even though it’s a sports betting game of chance, it still works on the same bases as a Casino product. This means that an algorithm or random number generator (RNG) determines the outcome. Yet, the biggest advantage is that punters can place their bets all year round.

And with the recent upswing in sports betting, this could be the product grabbing a large segment of players. At least that’s what the Golden Nugget is hoping for.