Murphy backs worker union in Atlantic City

The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy recently gave praise to worker unions in the area. Plus, he also claimed that a new bill would see the light of day really soon. In essence, the new bill will protect employees from basic job site violations. Which Murphy told the crowd of union leaders and delegates at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in AC last week in a conference.
The conference key focus was on Employee classification. In fact, many believe that some workers are often classified as independent contractors, when, in reality, they are employees. Which misrepresent the hard-working New Jersey staff and their entitlements. And, in return, they get the wrong benefits and pay they really deserve.

Change is coming

But how will Murphy shake things up? Well, the plan is to create a 12-person, task force that will look over and examine laws and regulations. They will then give recommendations on whether or not it needs changing. As of right now, 16 recommendations have surfaced to protect contracted employees better.Murphy backs worker union in Atlantic City

State labor Commissioner Robert Asaro Angelo explained how bad it is to get misclassified. Basically, when an employee gets the wrong status, they get a so-called 1099 employment form. Even though they’re not an independent contractor, he later added.

“This makes them lose their rights to the benefits of unemployment. But also temporary disability, earned sick time, minimum wage, and overtime.” In essence, all basic work-related benefits are either missing or calculated wrong. You can read our review about hard rock casino here.

1% of the classification is wrong

These new numbers show that 1% of New Jersey businesses have 12,315 workers who are labeled wrong. And this results in $462 Million in under-reported salaries. And $14 Million in lost funds for unemployment, disability, family leave. Plus, the sad part is that the occupations that are getting hit the hardest by this are the low-wage sectors. Murphy’s final words during the speech are worth considering.

“Our new vision is this. It’s not enough to have good laws on the books if you don’t have a governor. And an administration who will step up and enforce, and I’m proud to be that”. So, let’s hope Murphy’s words turn into reality.