More casino movies and TV series coming to Atlantic city?

The turn of the millennium saw many great casino movies shot in Atlantic City and New Jersey. Indeed, we’ll all remember Rounders, Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve. But the reality is that after 2014, Atlantic City saw fewer Hollywood productions shot in town. And this is because of the expiration of a tax waiver that film and digital media companies could once take advantage of. But things could soon change! In fact, on July 4th Gov. Murphy revived a program that Gov. Christie allowed to expire. Because back then Christie thought it highlighted stereotypes of the Garden State since Jersey Shore used it.

Phil Murphy
Photo By: Julio Cortez | AP

In a recent press release, Gov Murphy commented

“The film and digital media industry is poised to become a dynamic part of New Jersey’s economy. One that will create good-paying union jobs and countless residual benefits to the economy. By signing this legislation, we are allowing these companies to take advantage of NJ’s unique culture and location”.

The deal in closer details

To sum up, film companies can now get a 35% savings on their cost if they shoot in Atlantic City. What’s more is that the upper half of the state is likely to see an increase in production since a 30% credit is also available. But let’s not forget the 20% – 25% credit that south Jersey will get. All and all, the revival of this program will cost $85 million in tax a year. But it guarantees that New Jersey remains a player in the film industry. What’s more is that on top of bringing high paying union jobs to the state the film industry will also generate much foot traffic. Since of course, the cast and crew will eat, sleep and take part in recreation activities all over the garden state.

To conclude

It’s time to get your head shot done if you’ve always wanted to become a star! Given the new tax credits and new casinos, who wouldn’t want to shoot in AC?