MoheganSun Casino celebrates big time its 40th birthday!

This summer has a lot on offer to any visitors of the Garden State and even more, to those who’ll visit MoheganSun Casino. In fact, the hotel has many events prepared to mark their four decades in AC! MoheganSun Casino celebrates big time its 40th birthday!

The Wall of Fame is coming back!

In a recent press release, the casino confirmed they’re bringing back their Wall of Fame. Indeed, visitors will have the chance to see the handprint of the Village People and many more. In fact, fifteen old handprints will find a place under the new premises. As you know, the original installation was removed from the casino during its five-year reconstruction. Currently, only Frank Sinatra’s hands are on display in the casino. But the casino reps finally had to acknowledge the Wall of Fame potential for free publicity. All and all, the hand prints were always the visitors’ favorite. And especially to those who are active on social media.MoheganSun Casino celebrates big time its 40th birthday!

New publicity channels and new logo

With decades passing, marketing channels have changed. “We will avoid TV since it’s so crowded” confirmed the CEO. In fact, they’re betting on a more personalized approach to attract visitors. Indeed, their new strategy includes direct mail with bonuses. Additionally, the casino will give extra perks for players to enjoy during their stay.

And finally, the very logo of the resort will reflect the milestone. It will feature a banner remarking the 40 years. All and all, the logo change underlined the importance of the event for the casino. The Casino and Hotel was the first place outside Nevada to legalize gambling. And the establishment is more than a casino, in fact, it’s a landmark in AC! So if you’re heading to the shore this summer, make sure to pop by! There are lots happening, and you won’t want to miss out!