Mohegan Sun Players can escape to the sun!

Autumn is fast approaching! And we all know in the North East that winter is soon near once the leaves start falling. And if you’re from NJ then you know nothing sounds more appealing than escaping to the Bahamas! Unfortunately, the opportunity to earn loyalty points to get some sun abroad aren’t available to NJ online players, yet. But who knows they could soon very well be! In fact, in a recent press release, Mohegan Sun CT announced they had inked a deal with a new partner. And what a partner it is since the Baha Mar Casino and Hotel is in the Bahamas! So if you fancy an interstate trip and you’re a high roller, you could very well earn enough points to pack your bags to a much sunnier destination if you wish.

But there’s still hope to escape to a sunny destination if you’re an NJ casino player!Mohegan Sun Players can escape to the sun!

More opportunities to get a tan!

Indeed! Only days after announcing a deal between CT and Bahamas it seems that the Mohegan Sun Casino players were in for yet another treat!

In fact, on 29 August the news of a deal between MSC Cruises and Mohegan Sun casino surfaced. And the great thing about it is that every Mohegan Sun Momentum members can take advantage of it! Granted that the Momentum card needs to come from the CT hotel to get extra perks. But isn’t it worth a short 2 ½ hours’ drive to get discount on Cruises, priority boarding, and even spa experiences?

For now, we’re still waiting on Mohegan Sun casino Atlantic City to confirm they’ll piggyback on the deal. But we have high hopes since MSC Cruises think that Mohegan Sun is a natural fit!

Eager to offer discounts!

It sure seems that Neil Gumbs, Manager at MSC Cruises USA want to draw more casino players aboard! In fact, in the same press release, the casino VIP services & business development manager said.

“A partnership with Mohegan Sun was a natural fit, considering our robust casino program. And we are eager to bring our distinct, internationally-inspired experience and MSC Voyagers Club benefits to members of such a recognized entertainment brand.”

So before you book your next trip, why not popping by the Mohegan Sun Casino in Atlantic City to ask if you’re eligible to that discount too! Or give MSC Cruises a quick call to know more about it!