Miss America Pageant Leaves ABC New Jersey Could Be Next

After almost a century, the Atlantic City-based Miss America Organization (MAO) might leave the city that brought her to the world stage. Following news that the group will soon abandon its longtime home at the Boardwalk Hall, rumours surfaced that they might be leaving America’s Favorite Playground as well. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear as to where the pageant will go. However, it’s clear that they’re switching things up to the fullest degree. In fact, they just announced their departure from ABC.

The clock is TickMiss America Pageant Leaves ABC New Jersey Could Be Nexting

According to the organization, NBC will now host the pageant on its network. Usually, the show begins in September, but without a location, there’s no telling if the event will air on time. At the moment, the MAO seems pretty excited about the move. “It’s thrilling to be back home on NBC with our 100th anniversary just around the corner,” said the groups CEO Regina Hopper.

She later went to say that NBC is the perfect partner to tell the true stories of these intelligent young women. During last year’s pageant, the number of viewers decreased by 19% from 5.4 to 4.3 million. We’re not sure what caused the ratings to dip, but it looks like MAO is clearly doing something about it. Which, is something they should be doing, we just hope they don’t leave Atlantic City.

Several Great Options

Regardless of how this all unfolds; we should know the final decision any day now. At the moment, Ocean Casino Resort is the only property that has shown interest. Sadly, we haven’t heard anything about those talks since the new owners took over operations. Other than that, Hard Rock might be interested? Although there’s been no confirmation or public announcement about their level of interest. Beyond those two locations, several other operators would love to welcome the pageant. So until we hear something new, we’ll just have to wait it out with the rest of the city. Stay tuned; this story is developing fast so we should have an update soon.