Miss America Beauty Pageant got its eyes set on Atlantic City

As 2019 gets underway, Atlantic City looks more attractive than ever! With that said, it’s no surprise to see the Miss America Organization is looking to host its event in one of the most competitive states in the US. According to reports, the group recently held talks with Ocean Resort. And the CEO Bruce Deifik even made them a proposal. So without further ado, let’s reveal what we know so far!

Considering the Idea

This is now the 99th year of the Miss America beauty pageant. And from the looks of things, they might be celebrating their 100th birthday in Atlantic City! Although at this point, nothing is concrete. In fact, the organization is only interviewing cities to host the competition for the next two years. However, when it comes to AC, the group filed a proposal with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Miss America Beauty Pageant got its eyes set on Atlantic CityAlso, they received a sweet proposal by Ocean Resorts. Not to mention, Miss America said they’re interested in moving the contest away from the Boardwalk Hall and hosting the event at other venues in the city. Which, has now brought us to this point.

The Proposal

Ocean Resort CEO Bruce Deifik confirmed. “We recently spoke with the organization’s chairwoman Gretchen Carlson. During that conference, we offered her hotel space and the Ovation Hall to hold the pageant in. Since then, we’re just now waiting to hear back from them.”

All and all, The Ocean Resort’s Ovation Hall has seating capacity for 5,700. In fact, that’s more than the 3,000 minimum required and more than the 5,000 preferred. Furthermore, the host city must be able to provide hotel accommodations for all the guests and Oceans has 1,399 to offer. Not to mention, this is Atlantic City folks, we’ve got hotel rooms to host several events in one night! So, there won’t be any problems there.