Mike Tyson a success in Broadway and Atlantic City!

Mike Tyson is more than your average boxing world champion as we saw in his show last Saturday. First, the ferocity of his fists during his active career turned him into nothing less than a legend. Then, outside the ring, his reckless behavior made a broke felon from him. And who knew the man had such a talent for stand-up! Yes, Mike Tyson was at the Borgata Casino last weekend, and in case you didn’t see the show here are some highlights!Mike Tyson a success in Broadway and Atlantic City!

A personal look

Mike Tyson was live at Borgata’s amphitheater The Music box on June 23rd with his new tell-all show Undisputed Truth Round 2. Originally the show premiered last September, in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand casino and it was a hit. Perhaps because it delivers untold stories about the different eras of his life that no one knows about. All and all, the new show focuses on the years outside the boxing ring.

The show is a follow up to the acclaimed book Undisputed Truth. As you know, he released his life-story initially as a book. But the success of his book quickly inspired the first show. What’s more is that the shows did exceptionally well on Broadway and Atlantic City. And from the look of things they helped the youngest heavyweight champion of all times to reinvent himself and to inspire us all!

From ridicule to acclaim

In fact, reinvention was the main theme of UT Round 2. And it sure ties in well with what we’re experiencing in Atlantic City at the moment with all the new projects and casinos re-opening! What’s more is that we’re especially delighted that Borgata Casino is bringing artists with a world-class reputation to Atlantic City. The next big name to hit the scene at Borgata are Michael Carbonaro and Sebastian Maniscalco. So make sure to visit the Borgata casino to get ready for a summer you’ll remember. Tickets are on sale for both shows now, so don’t miss out!