Michael Jordan Jumps into Esports

There are times when it’s not so easy to bet on sports, times like now. Sport has stopped dead in its tracks with the spread of Covid-19. However, sports might be on hold but betting is still good to go if you think like Michael Jordan and bet big on eSports. In fact, Jordan goes so far as to describe betting on eSports as a game-changer. Because of this, Jordan has invested money in a Call of Duty League team in New York.

As you know, Jordan has made no secret of his lifelong love of gaming. So, this was the perfect opportunity to jump from sports to eSports. He’s doing this by supporting his native Newark franchise team. He said that as soon as he found out about the Call of Duty League in New York, it was the perfect chance to play for the home team.

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New York Subliners

His new team, the New York Subliners, is owned by Andbox. Originally, they were due to meet on March 15th. However, like everything else, it’s on hold. However, they’re still playing online.

Jordan admitted being a huge Call of Duty fan since its 2003 release. And he plays the game regularly. He even showed off his skills at the Call of Duty League Home Series in LA on March 8th. Back then, he teamed up with eSports broadcaster Miles Ross to beat King Bach and Todd Gurley 5-0.

As you probably know, Activision Blizzard launched the Call of Duty League on January 4th. So Jordan got into it at the perfect time and he’s very excited to be part of it from day one.

More or less at the same time, New Jersey legalized eSports wager. And the Golden Nugget casino made history by accepting wagers on eSports tournaments too.Michael Jordan Jumps into Esports

Esports to help the fight on Covid-19

Naturally, as everyone is looking for something to do to chase the boredom away. Experts all agree that Esports could be a great tool when it comes to slowing down the spread of Covid-19.

Meeting people virtually means people can engage and entertain themselves whilst staying indoors. If people partake in online gaming, then they’ll be off the streets and self-isolate without losing it. Can eSports let players be part of the story and solutions? Maybe, if you have a gaming console or a PC and table to follow the action.