Michael Jordan Invests Millions into aXiomatic Gaming

Once again, the eSports industry dominates headlines across the globe. The NBA legend, Michael Jordan invests $26 Million into the gaming group, aXiomatic. And this is major news for Atlantic City. So what does Jordan have to do with the Garden State, you might wonder?

Well not much other than investing millions into an industry that is looking to ground itself in AC. In fact, tournaments will start taking place on a regular basis in the city as of early 2019. According to sources, games will take place at either the Boardwalk Hall or the Convention Center. So, let’s jump into this exciting news and explore the details.

Lookout Atlantic City eSports is coming to town!

Michael Jordan Invests Millions into aXiomatic GamingFirst, let’s keep in mind that eSports represent a $1 billion global gaming industry. So this interest in Atlantic City is so much bigger than a company moving into town. We’re talking about a whole industry here!

In fact, several eSports leagues, teams, and organizations are planning to set up shop in AC. And the investment made by Jordan is another clear sign of what’s to come. Also, several NBA, MLB and NHL team owners have invested in aXiomatic Gaming.

Furthermore, this move would bring the well-established Team Liquid to town! Which, aXiomatic acquired two years ago. And for those of you who don’t know, Team Liquid is one of the top pro eSports organizations in the world! Indeed, they won the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 Finals, which took place at Harrah’s in AC earlier this year.

Going Forward

In conclusion, there is a huge interest in Atlantic City as the eSports industry looks for a city to call home. Since the ban of sports betting was overturned this year, everyone turned their interest towards Atlantic City. Even Michael Klein, Interim Director at Stockton University had something to say about it.

Last month he said, “There’s a sense of urgency about bringing eSports to Atlantic City before other, larger cities on the East Coast tap into the market.”  So as one can see, the landscape in AC is rapidly changing, and we look forward to what the new year will bring. So, game on and have fun. And, we’ll see you at America’s Playground.