MGM Named Best Place to Work at for LGBTQ Equality

In terms of equal opportunities for LGBTQ employees, MGM Resorts International wears the crown. For the eighth year in a row, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) names Borgata’s parent company, MGM as the best place to work at for LGBTQ equality. In fact, MGM received a perfect score of 100 on the 2019 Corporate Equality Index. Which, is a premier national survey that details corporate policies and practices related to gay men and women in the public workplace.

MGM Named Best Place to Work at for LGBTQ Equality

Setting High Standards

The Borgata in Atlantic City said they’re over the moon with this announcement. Plus, that it’s an honour to be an MGM luxury destination. And by all means, they should feel proud of their achievement. After all, the Borgata has always valued diversity in all forms. Indeed, there’s already a long public trail that openly confirms this claim.

As a result, MGM and all of its properties join the ranks of more than 560 major US businesses that also earned recognition this year. HRC will aim to create awareness until all people welcome members of the LGBTQ movement as full members of society in every community across the globe. It’s a sad reality that in this time and age we still have to stand and demand equal rights. Sad, but true. Luckily, there are campaigns like HRC that are outspoken and engaging.

A top destination for all people

All and all, the MGM and the Borgata Casino have a long-standing track record of supporting the LGBTQ community. In fact, the Atlantic City and NJ Casinos are becoming a top destination for gays and lesbians all around the world. They also host the Pride Bingo event every year. And let’s not forget to mention the Missed America Drag Queen pageant too. The pageant always draws crowd, regardless of their orientation. So it goes to show that supporting equal opportunities pays off at the end of the day.