Meadowlands Racetrack Ranks High Amongst New Sportbooks

The new FanDuel Sportsbook opened on Saturday, July 14 to high expectations. The betting outlet on the Meadowlands Racetrack sits just seven miles from Manhattan. On top of that, the track featured its biggest horse race of the year on the same day. But how does it compare to other recently opened sports betting venues in the Garden State? To put things in perspective, let’s look at their closest competitor.

The William Hill Sports Bar at Monmouth Park, Oceanport, is excellent. It offers loads of tellers and lines to bet on. All that, thanks to William Hill’s experience and investments.Borgata Casino

Another sports betting facility is the Borgata Casino at Atlantic City. Unfortunately, it installed its sportsbook in its existing horseracing bar. The place feels small and needs more room in our opinion.

But what about the Victory Sports Bar, where the FanDuel Sportsbook is?

Nightclub-like atmosphere

The visitors’ first impression is that the sportsbook reminded them more of a nightclub than a betting shop. The 5,310 square foot space with dimmed lights has room for 490 punters. The facility features 27 TVs, ten tellers, and a massive bar in the middle.

Overall, the venue has a friendly vibe to it. It certainly entices people to spend more, with all the TV screens and the bar. Visitors described it as the nicest, from all sportsbooks that opened in New Jersey so far. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that the venue also has a VIP-style area at the far end of the room.

More space needed

Yet, there might be an issue with the size of the new venue. Of course, it has a plus over its Atlantic City competitors. It sits closer to New Jersey, as well as New York, with 12 million people living in a 20-mile range from the track. And, once the US football season kicks-off, many expect the sports wagers will explode.

But the owners already have plans for expansion. In essence, they want to reach 65 TV sets, 15 tellers and room for 650 visitors by the start of the football season. That number might still not feel high enough. Even so, the casino, same as its competitors, faces unknown landscape. So it might be wiser as well to sit and wait what September brings before planning grand expansion!