McDowell joins GVC as non-exec director and a close vote!

GVC has a new non-executive director. The New member of the GVC board is Virginia McDowell. McDowell has a long history of casino experience. McDowell’s Past Experience. In fact, she worked at the Tropicana Casino & Resort from 1984-1996. She filled several different roles there. And was promoted until she finally became the VP of business development. From there she made a move to Argosy Gaming Company. She was the senior vice-president of operations, sales, and marketing. She worked there from 1997 until 2005 when the business was acquired. Following that, she spent a bit of time at Trump Entertainment Resorts. There she worked as the COO from 2005 to 2007.McDowell joins GVC as non-exec director and a close vote!

Moving up the ladder!

Also, McDowell headed up the Isle of Capri. She worked in Capri from 2011 until her retirement in 2016. Before, she was president and COO of the company from 2007 to 2011. Opinions about McDowell say that she has a lot to offer to the American market and the company. Because as you know GVC is a tech company that provides a casino platform to many businesses. What’s more is that the company seems to have its eyes set on the US.

GVC pays its executive well! But for how long?

This month the AGM for the GVC took place in Geneva. At the meeting, stakeholders also voted on another important item. They voted on whether to continue rewarding bonuses to the executives. In fact, the past practice has been to do so. In 2016, Kenneth Alexander, the chief executive, received $60 million. At the meeting, some advisors did not recommend continuing with the large remunerations. And they shared their views with investors before the vote. The majority came out in a yes to continue with rewards, a total of 56% in favor and 44 % against. These are not the results that the committee wanted. But as always, the committee listens to feedback from the stakeholders and they act accordingly.