Matters solved between Scientific Games and Shuffle Tech

There’s no doubt about it, Scientific Games (SG) had a great year! In fact, the company was able to turn an unfortunate situation around into its favor. With that said, SG has finally closed out this chapter with Shuffle Tech International (STI). If you remember, back in August a court ruled in favor of STI in a lawsuit filed against SG.Matters solved between Scientific Games and Shuffle Tech

As a result, a judge ordered SG to pay the plaintiff $335 Million, which included damages and legal fees. Now, we’re learning that the amount has seen a significant cut.

The Closure

According to sources, Sientific Games will now pay the plaintiff a total of $151.5 million. Which, is 55% less than the original amount ordered to pay! We, of course, know this isn’t the best news in the world, although when you save over $150 million, you need to celebrate that as a victory!

On that note, this is what SG had to say about it. “Scientific Games firmly believes the jury’s decision was wrong. Although we’re happy with the final outcome and glad, this whole ordeal is finally over.” So, SG can now move on and enjoy the success they’re having in New Jersey and elsewhere.

But it’s worth pointing out that even in the midst of these legal battles, SG still shelled out thousands in relief efforts after Hurricane Michael hit Georgia and Florida. So, regardless of this unfortunate situation, SG still maintains its respect in the US.

Going Forward

As mentioned above, SG had a great year despite the legal woes. For example, they’re currently enjoying the success of their new sportsbook, OpenBet in NJ. In fact, SG won the Standalone Sportsbook Platform Provider of the year at the SBC Awards earlier this month. Not to mention, they were also nominated for the Best Live Betting Product of the year award!

So as you can see, SG is not letting legal matters stand in their way. So with all due respect, SG may still have to pay out a pretty penny, but in the end, they’re the real winners here.