Matt King, FanDuel CEO, we’re ready!

Matt King, FanDuel CEO, we’re ready! The legalization of sports betting fuelled a new discussion amongst Americans! Indeed, everyone is happy about the revenue increase in the states chest. But also, how the new laws are delivering a blow to illegal sports betting operators. But on the flip side of the coin is the introduction of a complete legal platform that could entice a younger audience to start spending their savings. Not to mention that we could see an increase in corruption of college and professional sports. But, does this mean that fantasy sports should be in the middle of it?

FanDuel CEO, Matt King, commented on this matter.

“A market expansion like this one is bound to attract many new competitors as well. We have a tremendous foundational business, but we need to execute it really, really well. I’m optimistic but also very realistic that it’ll be quite a battle.”Matt King, FanDuel CEO, we're ready!

From Fantasy to reality

The news of legalizing sports betting could not be better for the fantasy sports providers. Although, the two giants in the field, FanDuel and DraftKings have argued that the product that they offer has always been on the legal side. The core of their business, where you put up an entry fee on daily or weekly predictions on the individual player and team performances is a skill and not a game of chance.

In an interview, Matt King answered the question that is burning on everyone’s lips! Indeed, will their platform be ready on time for the upcoming NFL season?

“We have the product design, we have the tech team working on it, and we going to be ready to go! We have exciting ideas from a game features standpoint that we will embed into our current experience. What users will see is a simple integrated experience in our core app”.