Mariah Carey gets her own slot game at the Borgata in Atlantic City

Right when you thought it couldn’t get any better, what does the Borgata do? They went ahead and gave the Songbird Supreme her own personalized slot game! We hope that makes you smile Maria; you deserve it!

Indeed, New York’s sweet fantasy diva now has a permanent home here at the Borgata in Atlantic City! The Boardwalk hasn’t looked this sexy since the Borgata first opened its doors 15 years ago!Mariah Carey gets her own slot game at the Borgata in Atlantic City

About the game

The new eye-popping sleek cabinet will capture your attention as soon as you walk in the casino. Of course, it’s purple and neon blue and has butterflies all over it, but it also plays all her hit songs! So you can get your game and at the same time enjoy all your favorite Mariah Carey tracks! This includes Honey, Emotions, and Fantasy.

Sure, the object of the game might be what you expect, match identical symbols on pay lines. The lineup of icons will consist of items related to the singer, such as headphones, diamonds, and perfume. Also, images of Mariah, will appear on the reels, and if you see her, you win big!

So in a nutshell, that’s about it. It’s a pretty straightforward game; the difference is this slot features the Diva Mariah! And that alone makes it stand out above the other slots based on other pop stars.

More on Mariah!

This new slot is definitely going to be a winner with the ladies, after all, every girl loves Mariah!

Also, you might be interested in knowing that after her European Christmas tour, she’ll be back to perform in Vegas. After that, we hope to see her in Atlantic City again! But, until then, have fun and come down to the Borgata casino and get your game on with Mariah! Best of luck!