March for Gambling Awareness

Undeniably, March is usually a big month for the online sports betting vertical in the US. And the main reason for that is that punters bet over $10 Billion on the NCAA matches as history shows us. Although this year, it’ll be different since there no games to bet on. It’s still important to shine the light on how to control gambling habits before it becomes a problem. Typically, in March calls to the National Problem Gambling Helpline increase because of the NCAA. And this year some say they could still increase as online slots and table games activity is on the rise because of the lockdown. Naturally, the rise in online gambling activity is explainable by the fact that folks in the Garden States have more time to kill. So, while people are isolated, it’s more important than ever to get the Responsible Gambling message out there.March for Gambling Awareness

A dedicated month

Every year, the National Council on Problem Gambling dedicates the month of March to help punters with gambling problems. In fact, it has done so for the past 18 years. All and all, around 2 million people have a gambling addiction across America. Plus, another 4 to 6 million people are suffering from some sort of gambling problem. However, it goes beyond those numbers. Every one of those with problems has an effect on between 7 to 20 other people, including family and friends. And let’s not forget that too many people hide addictions for too long. So it’s mandatory to have resources at the gambler’s disposal before gambling is no more fun.

Trying to Solve the Problems

To sum up, to make sure gambling always stays fun, the NCPG created Problem Gambling Awareness Month. This raises awareness of avoiding problem gambling and treating it. It also offers recovery services to those affected. Many different stakeholders come together for this, including Public Health Organisations, Gambling sites, NCPG affiliates and more. They all work together to help people recognize problems and get help.

Ultimately, the NCPG offers people information and materials to achieve its 3 goals: More awareness of gambling problems. Increased availability of help. And lastly, encouraging healthcare providers to screen people who may have problems.

So, as March reaches its end, why not taking the time to enable the tools in your players’ account. This way, you’ll be sure that gambling will remain fun at all times. For more information, speak to the customer care department to know what tools are at your disposal.