Management Shake-Up at Sientific Games Digital

In recent news, Scientific Games (SG) announced a major shake-up in its management team. In fact, it seems that some of the company’s core staff will be hunting for a new job in 2019. While others are climbing the corporate ladder! So, let’s dive into the details and reveal who’s in, who’s out, and who got a new job.

Top management changes

First of all, and perhaps the most important news coming out of SG’s press office is the departure of SG Digital CEO Matt Davey. According to a recent press release, the former NYX Gaming group CEO will be leaving his role on January 1st. And the Senior VP Jordan Levin will take his place.

All and all, Mr. Levin has been with the company since 2006. During his 12 years with the corporation, he’s acquired in-depth knowledge of the iGaming industry including sports betting which is a key focus as you know for SG.

Management Shake-Up at Sientific Games DigitalNew beginnings

SG lottery also saw a shake-up. Indeed, James Kennedy the Group’s Chief Exec and VP will take on a new role as Chairman of the Board. Following his promotion, Patrick McHugh will oversee the lottery business in the US and globally.

The Official Word

Barry Cottle, CEO of Scientific Games had this to say about the recent changes. “These long-time members of the SG family are the best people to continue our growth as a company. All and all, these people are globally recognized for their excellence and known for inspiring our staff. Pat will bring his experience and success to his new position. And continue to drive us forward through innovation and leadership.”

As for SG Digital, Cottle added, “Jordan Levin’s digital gaming experience is extremely valuable to the company as we move forward into 2019. Our digital gaming and sports betting departments are booming right now, and he’s the man to lead us into a new era.”