Lots of good and new places to eat are coming to AC

Lots of good and new places to eat are coming to AC. The Hard Rock Casino Hotel opens June 28th, and we’re all excited about that. Especially since the hotel will have a great selection of restaurants to choose from. In fact, these days the Hard Rock loves to brag about them and with good reasons! Indeed, it seems that the hotel will practically have all the big names in the food industry.Lots of good and new places to eat are coming to AC

And, they’ve just added a new name to the long list since they’ve confirmed The Sugar Factory also has a spot in the hotel. The Sugar Factory is more than a spot to get your favorite bites. In addition to an impressive towering burger, you get a basket of fries big enough to share with all your friends. But make sure that you leave some room for dessert because that’s what this place is famous for.

A sugar rush!

It’s the Sugar Factory for a reason! In fact, the dessert menu is as long as it is impressive. The milkshakes look like delicious work of arts, and the cocktails for adults are equally impressive! So if you got a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place to go!

What else is there?

Other great spots to check out in the soon to open Hard Rock Casino include the Hard Rock Café, of course. The restaurant seats 400 people, and It also has an indoor and outdoor stage. There are about 20 eateries in all, so there’s something for everyone. Among the cuisine types that you can find are Italian, Chinese, and there’s even a sushi spot. Finally, if you want to take advantage of the Beach Front and take in the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, you can hang out at the Hard Rock Beach Bar. Stretch your legs and go for a stroll along the boardwalk to work up your appetite.