Looking back at 1 year of success for Atlantic City “newbie”

When plans were set in motion to restore Atlantic City (AC) to its former glory, no one was expecting the explosive growth we see today.  However, the road to success has not always been as easy as it seems. And there’s been plenty of battles and hurdles to overcome.

Looking back at 1 year of success for Atlantic City “newbie”In the end, AC’s lawmakers have fought tooth and nail to overcome them. But surely the victory on the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is the biggest accomplishment of them all. In essence, it gave AC the springboard it needed to put America’s favourite playground on the map again.

Two resurrection

By now most of us know the restoration story of the former Trump Taj Mahal, now known as Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. And the rebirth of Ocean Casino Resort (OCR), that previously operated under the name Revel. But what most people don’t know is how much these two have contributed to AC’s well-being.

In fact, between Hard Rock and Ocean Casino Resort, they have restored over 6000 jobs to the famous boardwalk. And now when they both celebrate their 1st anniversary it’s evident, the glory days are back. All and all, the city is flourishing with healthy competition which sparks great ideas and collaborations that have a positive impact all over boom town.

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Although some business analysts questioned if the market in AC could support two new casinos. In retrospect, their fears were not founded. And we have seen record-breaking revenue figures month after month.

However, with the introduction of new properties have indicated a decline in profit across the board. But in the end, competition comes with benefits to all, and AC can offer a broader experience for its visitors. Even if it means sharing the profit.

According to a recent study, people have only good things to say about Hard Rock and OCR. And mention such things as “good energy, beautiful, and pleasingly laid back,” when describing the NJ Casinos. OCR and Hard Rock have managed to do this in only 1 year. Imagine the positive impact they’ll have on Atlantic City in the next decade.