Local 54 Settles Deal with Hard Rock Atlantic City Workers

Hard Rock Atlantic City hospitality workers now have the full representation of New Jersey’s UNITE HERE Local 54 labor union. After several months, Local 54 was finally able to negotiate a union contract for nearly 1,800 employees successfully. As of now, they represent more than 10,000 Atlantic City casino workers from bartenders, servers, cooks, and housekeepers.

Six Months plus in the Making

After more than six months of negotiations, this deal is finally in motion. However, it’s taken almost three years and two companies later to get this far. Before Hard Rock owned the property, it was the former Trump Taj Mahal run by Carl Icahn. During its final months of operation, workers went on strike for more than three months. After Icahn failed to negotiate a deal, he then decided to close the doors permanently and blame it on the workers. But those days are behind now.

Local 54 Settles Deal with Hard Rock Atlantic City WorkersHard Rock runs the show now, and they got the job done. Now that this is final, there’s more work to do. With that in mind, Ocean Resort Casino (ORC) employees also want representation. Both properties opened up to the public in late June 2018. Considering that it hasn’t even been a year yet, it looks as if things are moving rather quickly.

More Work Ahead

Now that the union can fully focus its attention on ORC, it’s likely this will roll out a lot faster. Not to mention, the New Jersey State Board of Mediation accepted the authorization cards of 74% of ORC’s eligible workers. In other words, that means Local 54 UNITE HERE will be taking on an additional 1,300 hospitality employees. With that many signalling to unionize, this should be a breeze. Plus, the union’s President Bob McDevitt said ORC’s owners are acting in good faith. He also expressed great satisfaction over the overwhelming amount of workers who favour unionization. Finally, he said that he’s now ready to sit down at the table with ORC owners and get this deal in the bag.