Local 54 Receives a $280K Grant

Almost 100 people will benefit from workforce training in the hospitality and casino industry. This is because the state has granted a $280K award to Unite Here Local 54. As you know they’re a labor union that represents workers within the casino industry.

Currently, it has around 10,000 members. The state awarded this money from Pre-Apprenticeship in Career Education (PACE). Since the state introduced PACE back in January, it has awarded over $1.8 Million to nine different organizations. As a result of this grant, Local 54 will train almost 100 people to work in restaurants and hotels. They can train in such roles as chefs, housekeepers and more.

new jersey Local 54 Receives a $280K Grant

A Stronger and Fairer New Jersey

New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, was in favour of this. He said this is “essential to creating a stronger and fairer New Jersey” for everyone. However, one of the biggest benefits will be for individuals. This program should help people who aren’t employed and can’t find a job. It should offer them a career pathway. For anyone who cannot easily access training and education, this is a great solution for them.

Helping People on the Ladder

The PACE program already has an apprenticeship program. Therefore, this grant works well alongside it. Hopefully, there will be more skilled and qualified people entering the industry. In turn, this will see the numbers of people out of work and training decrease. However, this isn’t Local 54’s only program. Previously, it teamed up with the College and Community Fellowship to launch HireAC. That helped train people who had low-level criminal records.

Overall, 38 people finished this program and got jobs in the casino industry as a result. There is a big focus in New Jersey casino industry on helping people to create a good life for themselves. This PACE grant and Local 54 are taking big steps towards helping the community as a whole. As a result, the economy and wellbeing of locals will keep getting better.