Legal online gambling record month in New Jersey

19th June, released an analysis for online gambling in New Jersey. What a great news that was! Indeed, the month of May generated over $21 million in gross revenue. Enough to reassured the skeptic for sure! Ever since the legalization of online gaming, New Jersey is profiting. They are several areas which benefit from the legalization. We only hope that other states will realize the positive impact the industry has and will follow.

Following the news Robert DellaFave, senior analyst at said. “New Jersey’s online gambling industry may be the only one to generate over $100 million in tax. And it does so without placing a heavy burden on citizens. Record breaking revenues are more of an inevitability than an anomaly at this stage.”

Furthermore, the same report stated that after many years of struggle Atlantic City is rejuvenizing. This is possibly due to the mandatory 2.5% profit re-injection companies have to make. But also, the 15% tax contributes towards paying off the state debts. At this rate, it sure feels that the gambling industry will have soon rescued NJ. Abandoned hotels are renovated, jobs are created and more tourists visit Atlantic City.Legal online gambling record month in New Jersey

What are the best legal online casinos in NJ?

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