Las Vegas numbers show that Sports Book could save NJ’s casinos

Las Vegas numbers show that Sports Book could save NJ’s casinos. Sports Book is a hot topic these days! In fact, as you’re aware, the supreme court is going to deliver their verdict on the Murphy (ex. Christie) Vs. NCAA case real soon. And as you probably already know, a favorable ruling for Murphy means that NJ will finally offer Sports Book in both online and offline casinos. When it comes to the verdict, everyone is hopeful since five juries out of 9 are required to concede a victory.

Las Vegas numbers show that Sports Book could save NJ’s casinos

It’s a glimmer a hope when you think of it. Especially since the land-based casino’s numbers practically decreased in every establishment last February. And as you know, February is a hot month for punters since its NHL season and also the Super Bowl.Las Vegas numbers show that Sports Book could save NJ's casinos

Vegas VS Atlantic city February figures.

A recent report came out of Nevada where Sports Book is 100% legal. This report showed the casinos in-take are up during the winter months. Indeed, during the five winter months, Las Vegas Sports Book revenues exceeded $50 million. And the best month of that is, of course, February where conversely Sportsbook generated over $20.7 million.

Last February’s NJ casinos joint in-take were down 6.5%. The combined revenues were $192 million. When you think of it, Vegas Sports Book numbers alone are worth 25% of the revenues in Atlantic city. Which means should sports book be legal, we can definitely expect punters to visit AC’s Casino to place bets.

Christie is hopeful!

In a recent interview with the NJ broadcaster Carton, Christie said.

“I feel hopeful given the tenor of the arguments. I feel that we’re going to get five or six votes.” He later added, “I expect that the state of New Jersey will win that case and that we’ll win it in either May or June of this year.”

Exciting time for sure! But until we get the court case result, your only option is to have fun on virtual sports. You can learn more about them here.