Labor Day Luck is a real thing at the Borgata in Atlantic City

Labor Day Luck is a real thing at the Borgata in Atlantic City. There’s a thin line between a break and luck. And sometimes in life, we hit both luck and a break at the same time. On September 1st an unidentified woman from Hawthorne, New Jersey had her day for both. At approximately 3 P.M. a woman walked into the Borgata in Atlantic City and dropped $10 on a slot, and the rest is what we’re going to tell you about.

On her first attempt at Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin game, she won a heart-stopping $2,481,940.75! The max bet was $10 during the holiday weekend, and she went all out and bet the max and won the jackpot! Well… Maybe this proves that the old saying is true, “scared money doesn’t make money.”Labor Day Luck is a real thing at the Borgata in Atlantic City

From luck to a blessing

Indeed, anybody can get lucky in a casino. Although, if you are already wealthy and you win $2 million on a slot, then you are only lucky! But if you can’t line your pockets with gold and you win this much money, then you can immediately start counting your blessings!

Since we don’t know much about this lucky player, let’s assume that she needed that $2,481,940.75. After all, for one out of a million, a win this big is definitely a blessing! Imagine what she could buy with all that cash! A new house, new car, or a trip around the world and back! Who knows? We only know that a $2.4 million win is a life-changing one!

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Any one can win

As we continue to report lucky Borgata winners from NJ week after week, it’s clear that these slots are on fire! Also, Borgata has hundreds of hot slots in Atlantic City and online. Not to mention, they also have some of the highest jackpots in the city! It could be anybody’s lucky day at this casino! And this is clear evidence that the Borgata payouts can change anybody’s life in a second. You only need to show up, have fun, and hope for the best! And who knows, it could be you that we write about next!

So until the next report, plan a trip to AC or log in online. Good luck, and let the good times roll!