Konami Sees Profits in Its Gaming Division

As online casino gaming takes off in the US, so does Konami’s revenue in its gaming division. After all, the Japan-based company is international with a huge facility in Pleasantville, NJ. Which means, they’re at the heart of all the action. Plus, they’re a leading innovator, and not to mention, Konami’s gaming catalog consists of hundreds of slot and games! So, in saying that, let’s examine the numbers!

Konami expanded its distribution

In recent months the gaming market has seen major growth worldwide. And this is already noticeable for the gaming giant, Konami. Earlier this month, the company reported that for the first half of the fiscal year, revenue remained flat.

Although since the industry saw a boom in June, businesses in NJ or even connected to NJ saw a recent increase in revenue. According to their recent fiscal report, the company saw a 28.4% spike in the gaming division! That’s an impressive $14.07 Million gain in the second half of the fiscal year with two more months to go!

Konami Sees Profits in Its Gaming DivisionAlso, Konami recently expanded its distribution of Concerto, which is its video slot product line. Plus, the company is continuing to develop games that are more skill based to attract the new generation of gamblers.

Konami key product

According to a company press release, “We continue making efforts to further increase our sales by focusing on the Concerto Series. Which, is a key product in our lineup of video slots.” So as you can see, Konami is quite relevant in the casino industry, and by the looks of things, they have plans to keep it that way!

Looking Ahead

As most of us have heard, the 2018 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) was last month in Las Vegas. Well, none other than Konami Gaming was there to showcase their newest Concerto cabinet collection.

So next time you’re browsing for a unique slot to get lucky on, don’t forget to check Konomi’s latest hits. With that said, keep your eyes open for Strike Zone & Reels Up. Both games were introduced at the G2E Awards, and now they’re available for your entertainment on many casino floors all over the city!