King agrees with SportsGrid

Information is key to any calculated decision in the world of online entertainment. And with the latest collaboration. But also exclusive sports partner agreement between FanDuel Group and SportsGrid. The knowledge is there to devour. Indeed, by stepping into a partnership. FanDuel and its customer just got a treasure-trove of live fed sports-related content to its arsenal. And this to implement when it really counts. And not only will this information be useful to have at hand when utilizing the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). But also in relation to all types of sportsbooks. Including racing products as well that FanDuel and the broader organization houses. In essence, the deal will grant FanDuel the access right to a plethora of SportsGrid’s broadcastings. But also to the digital distribution network. So, how about it? Like to learn more about the exciting deal and partnership? All you have to do is read on.King agrees with SportsGrid

Learn, play and win

In fact, millions of enthusiasts rely on external sources to educate themselves. This Especially when placing a wager on sports, racing, or DFS outcome. And with the SportsGrid, FanDuel partnership. Fans now have even more ways to find information to back and support their theories. That, Matt King, CEO of FanDuel, hinted on when saying such things as. “We’re excited to provide our loyal fantasy and sports betting customers with more ways to learn.” But he also mentioned the importance of information. “Equipping more fans with the data and intelligence needed to make informed decisions.” All in all, it’s a win for all involved parties, from the two partners down to the end-user.

Two becomes one

Indeed, not only will FanDuel have access to the platform. But the contract also includes another type of collaboration. Where they are together going to produce 50-hours of monthly content. Brought both in audio and video format. All delivered in a free-to-use form for any player and fan to implement in their strategy. Also, with FanDuel onboard as a close working partner. SportsGrid is given an unprecedented opportunity to widen its reach and footprint as an. “Premier free sports gaming and lifestyle channel.” In the end, it’s a service that caters to any type of player, bettor, or DFS user. As such, it will serve the general public perfectly. Now, if you never checked out the channel? We strongly encourage any curious customer to stop by before hitting the submit button on your predictions.