Judge Trying To Shut Down Daily Fantasy Sports in The State

draftkings casinoOnce again, the coalition against gambling in New York tries to rid the state of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Although according to lawmakers, DFS is a game of skill and not chance. Unfortunately, this wasn’t good enough for critics, so here we are again. So without further ado, let’s get into the details of this developing story. After all, this swift ruling by the Supreme Court Justice and Gerald W. Connolly must be addressed.

The Swift Response

Before we get into the details and official statements, first and foremost, FanDuel and DraftKings still offer content in the state. So for the record, the ruling by Judge Connolly doesn’t mean the law has changed. Although we are expecting a swift appeal by the Attorney General, Barbara Underwood anytime now.

In the meantime, FanDuel and DraftKings wasted no time responding to the ruling. Which, in their favor hasn’t affected anything yet. In fact, NY still has to enable legislation on the books. And this mean, it would take a whole lot more to shut down FanDuel and DraftKings in the states. On that note, both companies announced the following statement.

DraftKings Official Statement

“We’re happy that the court upheld the legislator’s decision to decriminalize Daily Fantasy Sports. Due to this, DraftKings online casino can and will continue to offer contests to players in New York. In the meantime, we’re continuing to study the court’s decision at the same time working with the legislator.” So as you can see, it’s still game on in NY.

FanDuel Official Statement

“The legislator’s decision to exclude fantasy contests from illegal gambling isn’t challengeable in court. Plus, we’ll continue to offer Daily Fantasy Sports to New Yorkers. Not to mention, we also believe in the benefits of regulation. On that note, we’ll continue to cooperate with efforts to restore regulatory oversight.”

Will NY follow NJ

As we move forward in an era that allows states the right to vote for legalized sports betting. This case is only a show of bold talk, but in reality, nothing came from it. Which, is a good thing and it shows us that nobody is above the law, not even Judge Connolly.

Additionally, plans are on the table for a 2019 push to legalized sports betting in New York. We bet the judge isn’t going to like that at all! Although the people in NY will decide just as they did in New Jersey! Until then, let it be clear, DFS in NY is a contest that’s played by people who knows the game. This requires strategy using daily sports statistics. So to conclude, DFS isn’t a game of chance as the judge tried to put it!