Jets want in on the action

Recently, the NFL started to allow casino advertising at their stadiums, and to no surprise, the Jets want in on the action. And like the Giants, the New York Jets also play in New Jersey, although the Jets are the most popular team of the two in the state overall. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a venue who wants to be the official sponsor for the team.

In fact, all eyes might be on the Jets now that they’ve opened up the season with a huge win over Detroit last Monday. The unexpected 17-48 blowout in the Motor City was an eye-opener that nobody saw coming!

Also, as the Jets prove to be on fire, so does sports betting in the Garden State! The two could make a sweet marriage, and this could turn out to be very profitable for whoever picks up on the deal!Jets want in on the action

Lets crunch the numbers

Experts believe that by 2021, NJ will surpass NV in sports betting revenue. So the impressive totals we’re about to share with you now will only skyrocket in the future. This prediction derives from last months’ statistics. Which, we saw more than $100 million go towards sports betting alone in the state! Now, this is more than twice the amount wagered in July.

Also, another prediction is that by 2021 sportsbooks will be taking in over $3 billion in NJ alone! That’s about equal to what NV brings in now.

Expert comments on the market

Chris Grove, managing director at Ellers & Krekcik, said.

“Bookmakers in New Jersey will bring in over $3.4 billion by 2021. Which, is about the same amount spent on lottery tickets in the state now.

Also, he added, “Half of Nevada’s handle in their sports betting market comes from mobile betting.” And he expects to see New Jersey be able to put up the same type of numbers.

To conclude, these are only predictions, but, the market seems healthy. But the truth is anything can happen from now until then… And the visibility of Sports betting operators in Stadium will only contribute towards increasing these figures, we think.