International Game Technology opens a new dimension with virtual zone!

Take a seat in your favorite armchair, put your goggles on, sign in, and enter. Just as if you entered a real-life casino with tables and other players. Well, we are not quite there, yet. But the prospects of virtual reality entering the online gaming industry is growing. More so, with IGT’s latest perk – the IGT Virtual Zone.International Game Technology opens a new dimension with virtual zone!

New ways to play!

Indeed, IGT has to stay on the pulse of the day, to keep its market shares. And the game tech developer proved once again it knows where the future is going and it’s in virtual reality! What’s more is that IGT recently created an even more engaging game for the players, that delivers more fun, using this technology.

As you know the sales of virtual goggles are on a constant rise. At the moment, it seems that VR goggles are one step away from being in every home. And the popularity of the device means growing numbers of audiences and more revenue source, of course.

Archery and Medieval fight

In short, IGT’s solution runs both elemental parts of the process. The game itself, but also the physical part (that’s when the players put on their goggles to start playing). Clients can incorporate it as a permanent feature on their site, but also use some of the games temporarily.

IGT has teamed-up with some of the top VR game developers. The result, two games the Virtual Zone offers so far. ArcheryVR put two players against each other. The aim is to outscore your opponent using your skills in the shortest time. In SiegeVR, the players turn into medieval knights, and if you try this game, your goal is to defend your castle against incoming hordes.

The engaging graphics and challenging gameplay speak for themselves. The product’s potential to attract huge numbers of players is clear. But the big question is, will we see a more casino-themed VR game soon?