IGT beefs up its security

International Game Technology (IGT) recently appointed Dr. Samantha Ravich as an independent director. Indeed, the Ph.D. holder will focus on improving the cyber-security for IGT.

In essence, Ravich will hold a position on the IGT corporate governance community. She currently is the chair holder of the Centre on Cyber and Technology Innovation, just to name some of her responsibilities. Plus, she once was the vice-chair of the US President’s Intelligence Advisory Board as well. So, there’s no doubt that she is the right person for the job.

A growing trend

igt IGT beefs up its securityNow, why is it important to know that IGT is beefing up its security and staff? Well, as more and more folks use the internet for gambling. It increases the possibilities for people who are up to no good too.

And so trojans and DDoS attacks are just some ways that hackers can use to arm the public. All and all, just as a casino needs guards, a website needs protection. Even though IGT hasn’t indicated a problem with their PlayDigital platform. They certainly prefer to play it safe. After all, they cater for huge crowds. Plus, reputable companies like FanDuel also uses their software. So, cyber-attacks have implications not only on IGT but their clients too. And that’s why Ravich and her extensive resume is such a good addition for the company.

Full faith igt IGT beefs up its security

All and all, Ravich is a name that inspires trust as IGT’s chairperson Lorenzo Pellicioli said. As you’ve read above her resume and expertise in the field are super impressive. And yet, we’ve not even mentioned that she once served as a Security Advisory for the vice president during a previous administration. Plus, IGT chairperson also pointed out in a recent interview that her vast experience in the field would be a handy tool too.

So, as you can see there now more than one reason to enjoy IGT’s products. They’re not only fun, but they’re now safer than ever.