Hard Rock, Satisfaction guaranteed

Hard Rock never fails to deliver world-class entertainment in all its locations. And they’re often seen as a hospitality leader. But now it’s official. Hard Rock is a hospital chain that sets high standards. And because of this, they got an award to back their excellent reputation.

Indeed, only a few days ago the renowned J.D. Power announced the number 1 Upscale Hotel Chain in North America for 2019. For you that don’t know, J.D. Power is an independent industry benchmark research agency. And according to the study, Hard Rock was the hotel of choice for guest satisfaction. But what’s more impressive is that this is the first year the hotel is eligible to participate.

All and all, the awards compared 85 establishments from May 2018 to May 2019. And 45,000 guests voice their opinion. So, receiving an award of this magnitude the first year running, speaks volumes.hard rock casino Hard Rock, Satisfaction guaranteed

Many factors to consider

All and all, to qualify for an award, even small things like beverage, reservation and food have to be on point. But J.D. Power also looks at stuff like rooms, cost, and extra fees to calculate the overall guest satisfaction.

Dale Hipsh, senior VP of Hard Rock Hotels, expressed his excitement after Hard Rock took the number 1 spot.

“Today, we confirm that our guests acknowledge and appreciate our unique vision. And a huge thank you goes to our amazing hotel operations team. But also owners and general managers who make the Hard Rock Hotels a brand unlike any other.”

Hard Rock, Satisfaction guaranteedSo, where will the music take you next?

We all know that Hard Rock isn’t a standard cookie-cutter hotel. And by this, we mean a hotel that is the same despite the location and culture. The Hard rock shows diversity even if its trademark is a guitar. And so it wraps well the musical and immersive experience guests can expect.

All and all, the Hard Rock caters for all ages, audiences, and liking. One of their most genius marketing ideas is “The Sound of Your Stay” which enables guests to be one with the music. So, guest can download playlists, borrow guitars and amplifiers. Or if they wish, spin iconic vinyl’s records, all from the comfort of their room.