Hard Rock partners up with Clean the World

Hard Rock partners up with Clean the WorldWith all the action constantly going on in the casino world, we sometimes miss the other news that certain casinos are involved in. For example, Hard Rock International (HRI) is now teaming up with Clean the World (CTW). Which, is a social enterprise dedicated to saving lives by leading a global hygiene revolution. So without further delay, let’s get this story underway. After all, this is a huge step toward saving many lives, many of whom are children.

Hard Rock AC offers a major contribution

As per the new deal, HRI hotels will now collect and donate all leftover recyclable hygiene products. And this will include soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. These materials will then go toward creating recycled sanitizing kits. From there, these hygiene kits will be distributed throughout the world to help the fight against a global spread of preventable diseases. With that said, Hard Rock AC has 1,972 hotel rooms in total. So without a doubt, they’re going to be a major contributor in this unique call of action.

On that note, more than 3,600 children die every day from health issues related to uncleanliness. Thanks to this new partnership, HRI will help millions more who are in need of basic hygienic care products. All in all, CTW has helped over 10 million people and distributed more than 48 million bars of soap across 127 countries.

Hard Rock love all serve all!

According to CTW founder and CEO Shawn Seipler, “Hard Rock International are true leaders through their ‘Save the Planet’ initiative. We’re very happy about partnering up with them for a Clean the World Hygiene Kit building venture. At the same time, this will allow Hard Rock an opportunity to have a positive impact on local communities in need of necessary supplies to stay clean.” So as you can see, this new deal is going to help thousands of people who are in need of these essential health items. Going forward, we hope this latest move by HRI will set the trend in AC.