Hard Rock offers help where it’s needed

Many might see the industry giant as no more than a hospitality entertainer with music at heart. However, the organization values are much more profound than that. In fact, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is no stranger to lending a helping hand where they can, with philanthropy in their soul.

Their mottos are: Love All, Serve All, Take Time to Be Kind, Save The Planet, and All Is One. And so, to underline its core values, they recently announced another multi-partnership community outreach initiative. And the good news is that it will benefit the youth of Atlantic City.

More than the eye can see hard rock casino Hard Rock offers help where it's needed

Once again, Hard Rock makes the news with its deep pockets. But in this instance, it’s not a fancy extension or a remodelling that gave them a prime spot in the headlines. Instead, they’ve announced an official partnership with different vital organizations and charities in AC.

Indeed, Hard Rock plans to help different youth projects like the Arts Foundation. In essence, their goal is to mentor the younger population positively. And surely with the help of the Atlantic City Police Department, Devco, Vision 2020, it’ll be mission accomplished for them and JINGOL.

Only one of the many good causes

All and all, the latest community enterprise is only one in a long line of programs Hard Rock ventured into. And it’s clear they’re on a quest to do well by spreading good vibes in the communities they serve. They have donated millions of dollars to help hunger and disaster relief. But also autism awareness, cancer prevention, and human trafficking to mention a few.

What’s more is that they started the foundation, Hard Rock Heals in 2016. The foundation relays the message, “music is power”. Plus, it provides grants and support for people interested in healing through music. So, Hard Rock uses its resources and platform as goodwill ambassadors and believe that positive changes are indeed possible.