Hard Rock launches a campaign to educate teens

Hard Rock launches a campaign to educate teens. It’s no secret that casino operators invest a lot in educating adults about problem gambling. Indeed, today’s gamblers are often reminded about the easy to enable account limitation they can use to make sure gambling is always fun.

But what about tomorrow’s gamblers? Isn’t it best to teach them healthy gaming habits today? This way, they’ll be better equipped for the future. Well, Hard Rock thinks so. And for this reason, they’ve launched a nationwide campaign. The Campaign wants to educate teens about the similarity between social gaming and gambling.

Hard Rock launches a campaign to educate teensNowadays, more than 90% of teens in the US play video games. Sure gaming comes with benefits such as stimulating strategic thinking. Plus, it’s also a confidence booster for some given the sense of achievement it provides. But social gaming also comes with risks. And educating teens on them teaches the importance of game session management.

Preparing for the rise of eSports

People have heard tragic e-gamer stories echoing from the eastern part of the world. The truth is, the first generation of e-gamers who rose to fame wasn’t as ready to face the challenges as much as tomorrow’s will be. And this is because people know that social gaming and e-gaming is here to stay. And company’s like Hard Rock Casino are already putting in motion initiative to take action on this growing phenomenon.

As Dr. Jeffery Derevensky, Director of McGill University pointed out. “By helping high school-aged students understand all aspects of social gaming – the good parts and the risks. We teach the importance of planning and managing play.”

The campaign into more details

In essence, starting today and until January 3rd teens between the age of 13 and until 18 years old can submit videos. The videos need to show the similarities and differences between the games they play and gambling. The participants can also discuss what they like about playing online.

The top 5 students who submitted the most original videos on GamePlanChallenge will win a guitar package worth $2,000. And the 15 runner-ups will also win a $250 package. So parent spread the words and get your kids involved. Talking about the risk around social gaming is of the utmost importance.