Hard Rock Hotel has secured a deal with a union

In February, Hard Rock International met with UNITE HERE. Indeed, according to The Press of AC, UNITE HERE stand to become the official union for the Hard Rock Hotel. Well, that is if enough workers in AC sign an associated union membership card. Under this deal, the neutrality card check will make the Local 54th branch of the union the official agent for the employees that work at the Hard Rock AC.
Following the news Bob McDevitt President of the 54th Branch said. “Dealing with the management of the Hard Rock is an absolute pleasure so far. They understand how the Atlantic City market works.”Hard Rock Hotel has secured a deal with a union

Hard Rock set to make things right!

If you remember in 2016 a dispute between UNITE HERE and Carl Icahn made the headlines. Indeed, back in the days the former MD of the Trump Taj Mahal, removed the employees’ pension and health care benefits. Even if Hard Rock operates in the same building as the Trump Taj Mahal. It seems they’re looking to make things right from the start by approaching the local union.

More on the possible union deal with the 54th Branch of UNITE HERE.

Under this deal, the 54th branch will have full rights at the venue without a National Labor election. As confirmed by Matt Harkness, President of Hard Rock. According to the Press of AC, Hard Rock Hotel will have around 3,000 employees once it is open. There’s no
doubt that the new Hard Rock Casino will be a fascinating venue to visit. Especially since the hotel is now undergoing a $500 million makeover. So it could make this new casino, a very sweet place to work at. For the moment the Hard Rock Hotel is set to open its doors in the summer of 2018. Which means that new job opportunities are on the horizon for NJ. Check out the local job board to find out more.