Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City teams up with the Kindred Group

Hard Rock Casino strikes another major deal with European giant gaming group, Kindred. This is another game changer in the online casino industry and for many good reasons. First, we all know of Hard Rock, so we will skip right to the good stuff. Who is the Kindred Group? Well, they’re an online casino operator with 11 brands in their portfolio, including their leading brand Unibet. Also, they have over 20 million customers worldwide and over 1,400 staff members from over 50 countries to serve them! Not to mention, they process over 16-18 million online transactions a day! So now, in brief, you know who the Kindred Group is. So let’s take a further look into the deal that has so many people excited!Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City teams up with the Kindred Group

The players deal is in the bag!

The deal between Hard Rock and the Kindred Group is a huge milestone deal between two major players in the game! The agreement allows Kindred group to get in on the online sports betting in NJ. Of course, the license would come through the new partnership with Hard Rock Casino in AC. And this in return would allow the Kindred Group to get into the NJ sports betting action! Which, is one of the most significant changes in the group in many years! On that note, it was a wise move from Kindred to partner up with Hard Rock, which holds a lot of credibility in the casino industry. Furthermore, they are at the forefront of a booming industry. The deal is major for online players, rather you know it or not, this deal opens up a lot of doors for you too!

You heard it from us, now you must hear it from the deal makers themselves

To conclude the deal, let’s check out what it means for the companies in their own words. First, Senior VP, Manuel Stan had this to say, ” This is a very exciting time for Kindred Group. We have worked very hard to secure this deal that allows us to take our first step into a world-leading market. We know the new deal will allow us the chance to provide the folks of NJ with the best online betting experience.”

Furthermore, Senior VP of Hard Rock had this to say in response, “Hard Rock is proud to partner with the Kindred Group. Which, is one of the fastest growing operators in the online casino industry. We are hopeful that Kindred’s global experience will be a significant success in NJ.”