Hard Rock Atlantic City Receives a $5,000 Fine

One thing is certain, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) doesn’t play around with regulations. In fact, the smallest infraction will result in a fine. Furthermore, the DGE doesn’t have ‘friends’ in the industry. In other words, they don’t care who you are. If you’re in violation, big or small, the DGE will be there to enforce!

In many ways, this is good, and it keeps the New Jersey market clean. Not to mention, regulations keep casinos on their toes. Which, in the long run, allows businesses to flourish in a market that is fair and regulated. So without further ado, let’s jump into the details of this fine.

Hard Rock Atlantic City Receives a $5,000 FineThe Details of the Violation

As we all know, Hard Rock opened its doors in Atlantic City on June 28th, 2018. And, on July 9th, Hard Rock Atlantic City appointed Mann Lien to VP of Asian Marketing.

Now keep in mind, opening a casino in Atlantic City is a serious business, there’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of things happening. With that said, it could be easy to forget to report a new employee. Although, the DGE doesn’t take infractions lightly. Also, this could happen to any casino, especially in the early days of operation.

Going forward now, on October 22nd, Hard Rock did indeed report to regulators of the Hiring of Mr.Lien in July. So, it was clear that Hard Rock didn’t intentionally neglect their obligation to report the hiring. As a result, the DGE decided to enforce regulations, and on October 29th, Hard Rock got a $5,000 fine.

Moving Forward

In conclusion, one can rest assured that regulations in New Jersey are in effect! Also, Hard Rock agreed to pay the fine and accepted responsibility for the failure to report a new employee. Furthermore, Hard Rock kept it classy and decided not to comment on it. After all, what is there to say? And the truth is, they accepted their fine, paid it and didn’t give an excuse.
On that note, it’s now time to move on!