Hard Rock Atlantic City Gets New Casino President

Hard Rock Atlantic City Gets New Casino President

Out with the old and in with the new. Hard Rock AC brings a new president aboard to oversee the management at its casino. After only three months of opening, it looks like the company is shaking things up as they move forward. Hard Rock didn’t give a reason for their decision, although they did thank the previous president for his contribution. So on that note, Hello, Joe Lupo and goodbye Matt Harkness.

Matt Harkness, former president at Hard Rock AC

Let it be known, Hard Rock had nothing but good things to say about Matt Harkness. So, we’d like to acknowledge that before jumping ahead. First, Matt had a long run in Atlantic City. He is a 15 year veteran at the former Trump Taj Mahal. So, he knew is position and the property very well. Also, Matt helped Usher in new beginnings for Hard Rock when they opened for business in June.

Furthermore, after opening, the company made $32,386,465 under his management. Unfortunately, money isn’t everything, so now it’s time to hit the road Matt. We’re sure your skills and leadership will take you to other great places.

Hello Joe Lupo, Hard Rock AC’s new casino president

Here’s a familiar face! Joe Lupo may be the new guy at the Hard Rocks latest location in Atlantic City, but the truth is, Joe’s been around for a while now. In fact, Joe has 15 years of experience. He was the senior vice president of the Borgata in AC for 13 years! During that time, Joe was responsible for all gambling, marketing, and entertainment operations. So he knows what he’s doing, and that’s why Hard Rock is so confident with their decision. Not to mention, Joe also managed Hard Rocks Tampa, FL location for the past two years! So on that note, Welcome back to Atlantic City Joe Lupo! We look forward to the change your arrival will bring. Also, we hope you brought some sunshine back with you!

Talented and proven

“Joe is a talented and proven leader. He showed us this down at our Tampa location, and he proved it when he was up here at the Borgata in AC.” Commented Hard Rock CEO, Jim Allen. So it looks pretty clear that Joe is the right man for the job going forward.

17 acres of new journey

In conclusion, Joe has a long promising road ahead of him as he embarks on a new journey at Hard Rock AC. So make sure you head over to America’s favorite venue and check out all the excitement. Hard Rock AC sits on 17 acres of prime real estate. Its convenient location on the Boardwalk is hard to miss. Not to mention, it sits right in front of the iconic AC Steel Pier! Also, Hard Rock AC casino has over 2,200 slot games and 120 table games! There’s so much to do there that you’ll never have a dull moment! And if you get hungry, don’t worry, Hard Rock AC has over 20 restaurants inside its facility! See you there!