Hard Rock AC Presents Mickey Harts Collection

If you thought Hard Rock in Atlantic City was all about casinos, sports betting, great food, and concerts! Then think again! On Friday, November 9th, legendary percussionist and three-time Grammy Award winner, Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead displayed his never seen before art collection! And let us tell you, it was pretty groovy! So, if you’ve never seen his art before, we’ll do our best to paint a picture for you!

Vibrational Expressionism, The Birth Of A Movement

We’re about to take you on a journey through the world of art as Mickey Hart sees it. On that note, beware it’s about to get funky! First, Mickey paints using a technique that’s very unique. And after this event in AC, we expect this to become a wave! So for the record, this wasn’t your average art show, this was “Vibrational Expressionism!”

According to Mickey, Expressionism means, to create a depiction of emotional experiences through art. And music is the depiction of emotional experience through vibrational rhythm. So, Mickey combines both vibration and expression to create emotional, artistic masterpieces. And on Friday night, he revealed how his music is more than just vibration. And displays how art is more than just expressionism. Although when Mickey brings the two together, he creates a unique and thought-provoking work of colors!

Mickey Hart Speaks At Hard Rock’s Wentworth Gallery Art Show

In an exclusive interview before the show, Mickey gave a 13-minutes interview about his art and thoughts on AC. About four minutes into it, Mickey was asked, “So now that you’re in Atlantic City, what are some of the things you enjoy and remember about being here?”

He said, “Well, of course, the ocean and playing music here. After all, this is one of our places. In fact, it’s kind of a power spot for us. When we come here, collectively we feel good. And when you feel good, you play good. You just get into the groove, and that’s why all these paintings are here, the grove, the rhythm of things.”

Art Rocks!

Hard Rock AC Presents Mickey Harts Collection

We hope this article has inspired you to visit the Hard Rock. Unfortunately, there are no more scheduled shows displaying Mickey’s art this year. But, Hard Rock will be showcasing art from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s drummer, Michael Cartellone on December 2nd at the Wentworth Gallery. So, if you love art, then you’ll definitely want to lock these days in.