Google does a 180 on gambling

We all know the importance that Marketing plays in promoting online casinos. Yet, the previous guidelines from Google prohibited gambling companies from using the Ads tool. Essentially, this meant that one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools to drive traffic to websites was blocked. In fact, Google’s old policy had a devastating effect on operators. And some even saw their apps removed from Google’s Play store.

Google does a 180 on gamblingBut in recent news, we’ve learned that Google lifted the restriction for New Jersey-based iGaming companies. And so, the Garden State has once more access to an incredibly powerful tool, but not everyone can use it as you’ll read below.

Updated policy

In essence, Google’s new ads policy is currently on trial or beta phase if you prefer. Plus, it’s still a restrictive tool which aims to protect the end user. For now, it only applies to sports betting. And of course, only operators that hold a license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) can use Google AdWords.

Now here’s what the new guidelines state. “The Google ads policy on gambling and games will change in June 2019. It will allow state-licensed gambling entities to promote sports betting content in New Jersey. (Only as part of a limited beta.) After the update, advertisers who wish to promote content for online sports betting in New Jersey must submit a gambling certification request through the updated policy page.”

Start with Sports betting and then…

While Google new Framework is restrictive, we have to remember that it is “part of a limited beta.” Now the Beta phase could mean a lot of things. And hopefully, at some point, it will allow casino and poker operators to use Google’s tool too. In many cases, New Jersey gaming operators welcome the new rules with open arms. And once again, New Jersey makes history for being the first state to promote gambling via Google.