GiG Gets Smacked with a Massive Fine in New Jersey

Without a doubt, New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is one of the toughest in the industry. Which, is great because it keeps online gambling clean and operators honest. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen from time to time. However, the DGE has no friends, and they don’t take violations lightly either. In fact, they just handed Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) a $25,000 fine for making a $29 mistake.GiG Gets Smacked with a Massive Fine in New Jersey

Hard Lessons Aren’t Cheap

Of course, it’s all fun and games until you slip and have to ante up a hefty lump sum. And let us remind you, New Jersey doesn’t play around, there’s absolutely no room for errors within these borders. For instance, GiG must now fork over thousands of dollars because of a technical vulnerability in which a Nevada player was able to fool the system into thinking he was in New Jersey.

Not to mention, this all happened well over a year ago. Indeed, this took place one week after going Live with Hard Rock Atlantic City in February 2018. On top of that, GiG quickly caught on to the trick and reported the incident right away. That alone is worthy of forgiveness. Not to mention, this was a single incident where one out-of-state player made a $29 wager and lost.

In GiG’s Defense

According to reports, the user gained access to the front-end debugger and changed his location to appear within state lines. Being that GeoComply provides software that monitors a user’s location for every operator of Casinos in New Jersey, shouldn’t they be held accountable? Geolocation operates by sending electronic signals to host servers that ping the location of the individual trying to gain access. Considering that GeoComply is a worldwide leader in this field, how did this slip past them? After all, they operate with top of the line technology. Plus, they boast that their product has pinpoint accuracy that can locate a person within just a couple of feet. All in all, this is New Jersey where there’s a no tolerance, despite the infraction.