Get ready for Hurricane Florence!

If you’ve been in town today, you’ve probably seen that the beaches are full of surfers! In fact, some say that the approach of Hurricane Florence has created some of the best waves they’ve seen in a very long time. However, things a very different down south! Indeed, more than one million residents from North and South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia need to evacuate their homes as Hurricane Florence will hit the mainland tomorrow!

Ocean Resort casino open its doors to those affected!

In an effort to help those in need of accommodation, the Ocean Resort Casino announce minutes ago they’ll help! Indeed, the casino is now offering free rooms to anyone affected by the storm! Bruce Deifik the CEO of Ocean Resort said. “It’s the right thing to do. We’ve got plenty of rooms, and we’ll let people stay until the storm has passed.”Get ready for Hurricane Florence!

As always those kind gestures tend to attract the wrong people sadly. In the same press release, Deifik commented on this matter by adding. “People who want a free room only need to proof that they live in an area in a direct hit or an area in danger. 90% of people I’m sure will be honest about it. As always they’ll be scammers. But if it takes letting a few in to help the majority of people, then so be it.”

1,399 rooms at your disposal

The Ocean Resort opened last June. They currently have 1,399 rooms waiting to accommodate those in need! And nothing beats the Shores’ hospitality! So if you need a place to stay, then now is the time to come to Atlantic city! There are lots of things happening in town these days. Plus, you’ll be safe, and for sure the locals will help you ease your worries!