GAN vows to protect their US rewards card patent

It’s sad that in a booming market full of opportunities that you must still stave off pirates. Well, at least until US courts can step in and make this straight. And by all means, GAN should take advantage of the US legal system in regards to their patent. So for the record, this is precisely what GAN has done!

Recently, they hired the Chicago-based intellectual property litigation firm Irwin IP LLP. Which, is a top ranking law firm in Illinois. The goal is to enforce the US patent licensing and enforcement program. Also, GAN seeks settlements for infringements to its patented technology. After all, courtroom battles are time-consuming.GAN vows to protect their US rewards card patent

The inside scoop

First, the enforcement program granted to Irwin IP will focus on unknown operators in NJ, DE, PA & NV. The goal is to find these off-brand operators that are allegedly infringing on GAN’s patent. Once identified, the show will then play out in a US courtroom. Which, isn’t going to be good for any company at question here. The patent allows casino players to link their rewards card to their online account. And this in return identifies the player as a patron of a land-based casino. So GAN must now protect that feature due to a lot of other companies thinking along the same lines.

As of now

Finally, we must all wait for a conclusion. Nothing is official yet. But one thing is sure; GAN is going to protect their product by all means necessary. A further update on the enforcement program will be available when GAN reports their results for the first half of the year.

As of now, the technology is only licensed to Station Casinos, Chickasaw Nation, MGM Resorts, Ocean Resort Casino and Parx Casino. So as this story continues to develop, stay tuned. As soon as we hear more about it, you will too!