GAN up and running for FanDuel

No doubt about it, September has been an excellent month for the casino industry in New Jersey. We’ve seen deals made upon deals, and we’ve seen partnerships formed overnight. Plus, we’re only halfway through the month, and the deals keep on rolling in. And this time around its GAN’s turn to make an announcement.

Indeed, in a recent press release, the company announced that the integration of GAN’s platform to Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) is complete. Which means that the transaction we announced a month ago reached its final stage and GAN is fully equipped to serve FanDuel better. As you know, this partnership is the first step for GAN and its entry into the U.S sports betting market! Thankfully the integration was smooth according to the reports.GAN up and running for FanDuel

Highlights of the deal

First, it’s important to know that FanDuel is a subsidiary of PPB. And PPB has many deals with racetracks and casinos across the garden state too. So this integration will benefit many!

Second, the new integration is a mix of IGT’s sports platform and PPB’s pricing and trading technology. And all of this is accessible via FanDuel’s fantastic user interface. So it’s an excellent platform that undoubtedly punters will enjoy especially since it’s available on all devices including smartphones and tablets!

A final word from FanDuel

“GAN’s integration with our betting system technology reflects GAN’s flexibility. They show a ‘can-do’ attitude, and, they’re a committed partner.” Confirmed the ex CEO of PPB US and now President and COO of FanDuel Kip Levin.

To conclude, it’s clear that FanDuel’s quite impressed with the abilities of GAN. But also that GAN has the technology to power up large projects. So, It’s likely that we’ll see their name in the headline soon since GAN is planning even more expansion as we previously said.

On that note why not visiting FanDual’s website and enjoy the fruits of this agreement.