GAN Sets New Record Thanks to US Sports Betting

The European online gaming company, GAN set a new record in terms of quarterly revenue and profit. With the acceptance of sports betting across the US, including the most notable state, NJ, gaming companies are finally beginning to cash-in on all the progress made. Even Atlantic City is feeling some relief after several years of being down and out. In fact, America’s Favorite Playground is bursting with new energy and life these days. So for GAN, this couldn’t have happened at a better time. Surely, the numbers don’t lie, so let’s do the math and reveal the facts, shall we?GAN Sets New Record Thanks to US Sports Betting

New Standards

Regarding growth and opportunities, GAN is evidently experiencing a new found recognition and taking advantage of all the possibilities that await them as sports betting in the US expands. In a recent public statement, the company revealed they experienced a 148.3% increase in revenue. After examining the math, that’s a $59.1 Million difference YoY.

So as you can see, these totals are undoubtedly impressive. Not to mention, they represent success in one of the heaviest regulated markets in the world. Through GAN’s strategic partnership with FanDuel, the company now has thousands of miles of open road ahead of them. With so much air and opportunity available, the sky remains the limit as we move deeper into Q2 2019.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Without a doubt, GAN has experience one great of a year so far. Now all they have to do is continue driving forward to remain ahead. After securing partnership deals with the Borgata and Ocean Casino Resort last year, the company is now in a position to grow. According to GAN’s CEO Dermot Smurfit, their 2018 game plan is what led them to success in Q1 2019. Going forward, it’s going to be exciting to see how they deliver as summer approaches Atlantic City.