GAN Announces Extension Plan In US

After successfully integrating into New Jersey’s casino market, GAN plans to expand to other states. According to reports, FanDuel Group and GAN have agreed to extend their partnership into new open markets. For starters, this will include Pennsylvania and W. Virginia. At the same time, this deal is good business for New Jersey markets as well. After all, both GAN and Betfair’s FanDuel have roots in the Garden State. When they win, the economy wins! On that note, let’s dive into the details and facts!

Why the Plan Makes Perfect Sense

There’s a perfect explanation for this expansion plan. GAN develops and distributes some of the hottest titles in the business. In fact, they’ve published more content for top iGaming manufacturers than any other developer in the industry. Also, they have a long-standing partnership with Paddy Power Betfair. Which, just so happens to be FanDuel’s parent company.

Not to mention, they also have deep roots in NJ. So any expansion deal outside of the Garden State, by either one of these companies, is good for the local economy. As part of the agreement, FanDuel also agreed to license GAN’s Patent in the US. With that said, this deal is final and now set in motion!

Official Statement From GAN


Dermot Smurfit CEO of GAN said, “The extension deal with FanDuel combined with the US Patent licensing is a huge milestone for us. Not to mention, this new contract places GAN in a strategic position to capitalize on the growing US online gambling market. And this includes new operators, new clients, and new states.”

Moving Forward

In conclusion, this deal represents growth and opportunity for everybody. Not only is it good for the economy in NJ, but it’s good for other local economies as well. After all, this is an expanding market that creates professional jobs wherever it extends to. So without a doubt, this is great news for GAN, FanDuel, and Betfair. As they grow, the industry grows with them.